A Course of First Degree Reiki & Self Healing

About the course

  • It costs £200 and is taught over two days - normally two consecutive days, although this is flexible.
  • The only entry requirements are:
  • It is currently taught at my home for individuals and groups but will soon be available to study online as well.

My Reiki courses are designed to bring healing, understanding, transformation and liberation. I help students to learn about the many, diverse aspects involved in healing and to understand the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects involved in healing and creating positive changes.

I strive to make Reiki healing courses positive, uplifting and happy experiences for all students. These courses are truly life-changing and will give you real insight into your true, spiritual self and your ability to become a powerful healer. The courses are designed to give a broad-based learning which creates a solid foundation for development of the inner self and of healing skills.

The main goal of this course is to help you to be happier and healthier by introducing you to a path of self discovery and healing through wise spiritual practice, meditation and the use of Reiki healing. You will be guided to engage with your own sense of spirituality and to practice and learn meditation techniques for understanding yourself better. You will identify imbalances in your soul and learn how these manifest in your feelings, behaviour and physical health. Such issues will be addressed and understood and whilst some will be healed instantly others may require further work. But you will be given the tools to do the job, the knowledge to use them and the guidance to become a skilled healer. My on-going support and guidance in your self-healing is freely available to you.

Course aims

  1. To give you a broad-based understanding of spiritual and healing issues and in particular about the chakra system - the key to understanding your soul. This will give you an insight into the true nature of yourself and others and will help you to put healing into the broader context of human life.
  2. To give you healing during the course and to help you to recognise and change attitudes, beliefs, habits and behavioural patterns that are defunct. Healing is directed to you as you are guided to release old fears, pain and problems. The course acts as a stage for you to reassess yourself and your life and gives you support to find the motivation and courage to make positive changes. This may help you to create a positive vision of where you want to go in life and a plan of how to get there or it may provide food for thought and meditation.
  3. To help you learn about Reiki healing and in particular the origin, scope and application of Reiki. You will be guided to feel the Reiki healing energy being channelled through you and to understand how this can be directed to give healing to yourself and others. You will have an understanding of how Reiki works so that you have the confidence to practice healing on yourself and others.
  4. To initiate you into First Degree Reiki using the Reiki First Degree attunement. This is the continuation of an ancient process that makes Reiki healing unique. A Reiki Master attunes the initiate to the Reiki healing energy in a short, sacred ceremony, after which the initiate is able to be a channel for Reiki healing energy. Your First Degree Reiki attunement is at the heart of this course and marks an important moment phenomenal change.


If you would like to have more information about this course or to book a time for you to attend this course, please contact me.