A Course of Second Degree Reiki & Healing People


My Reiki courses are designed to bring healing, understanding, transformation and liberation. I help students to learn about the many, diverse aspects involved in healing and to understand the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects involved in healing and creating positive changes.

I strive to make Reiki healing courses positive, uplifting and happy experiences for all students. These courses are truly life-changing and will give you real insight into your true, spiritual self and your ability to become a powerful healer. The courses are designed to give a broad-based learning which creates a solid foundation for development of the inner self and of healing skills.

About the course

  • It costs £300 and is taught over eight three-hour sessions which can be arranged flexibly by mutual agreement.
  • It is for people who have already been attuned to First Degree Reiki and have engaged with their self-healing.
  • It is for people who would like to learn more about healing and developing themselves and have the skills and confidence to practice Reiki to a high standard.

At Second Degree Reiki the initiate receives another attunement which considerably increases the power of their healing. Second Degree Reiki healers can use the Reiki symbols which gives their healing a greater versatility. Healing may be sent to anywhere and into the past and the future and initiates learn to use Reiki in every aspect of their lives and learn to use sacred Reiki symbols in their healing.

This course is for you if you have been initiated into First Degree Reiki and have made a sustained effort in your self-healing. If you are committed to continuing your journey of self-discovery and personal and spiritual growth you will enjoy the opportunities that this course presents for deep and profound change.

This course is taught over 8 sessions which gives students the chance In this course for progressive development and students will have homework exercises such as meeting with another Reiki healer to exchange healing and writing a personal mantra or prayer.

Reiki healing cannot be practiced without an attunement by a Reiki Master but equally it is not just an attunement that makes a good Reiki healer. The Reiki Second Degree is an initiation into further self-healing and healing others. I consider that at the level of Second Degree Reiki, initiates are preparing to give healing and spiritual advice and guidance to others and this course gives initiates competence and confidence to do this. Second Degree Reiki gives initiates a greater power and flexibility in their healing that be applied to help other people to heal.

Advanced healing techniques

You will learn to direct Reiki healing into the past, present and future and to any person, place or thing. Students will find greater understanding into healing principles and practices and will learn to unleash their healing power to bring peace and healing to people, relationships, situations and things. Students will be given and will learn to give powerful healing using advanced techniques such as spirit rescue, soul retrieval and entity removal so that they can experience them and learn to practice them on others.

Course aims

Further personal and spiritual development and healing

You will learn a broad understanding of how the soul learns and grows and how it is related to the personality. At this level you will learn to analyse mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experiences and connect these with aspects of the consciousness. You will understand the process of healing through releasing fear and pain and creating balance. You should be committed to personal and spiritual development and demonstrate the willingness to move outside comfort zones to bring positive change.

Using Reiki flexibly and as a part of spiritual practice

You will learn and demonstrate confidence in giving hands-on healing and using Reiki symbols in a variety of situations. You will learn to confidently use Reiki healing techniques on yourself and others and will learn insight into the scope of Reiki healing and its application to a variety of situations. You will also be able to integrate Reiki into your spiritual practice, sending compassionate healing to wherever it is needed in the world.

Give skillful, confident and professional healing to others

Whether or not you want to practice as a professional Reiki healer, you will gain the confidence and competence to take a professional approach to situations that you may encounter and will learn to work in an ethical manner. Should you wish to practice professionally you will learn about aspects of working as a professional healer. You should be able to clearly explain to others what Reiki healing is, how it works and its effects on people. You will learn that you can help in the healing of any person but you will also learn to be discerning in who you take on as clients.


If you would like to have more information about this course or to book a time for you to attend this course, please contact me.